Letters to the Editor

Vote responsibly

Recently my wife and I had lunch in a fast-food restaurant in State College.

During the eat-in experience we sat near a party of four young people who were definitely not speaking softly. At one point they began to discuss the presidential campaign. One of the young people commented that she felt, in her estimation, there were no suitable candidates. The others agreed.

She then said that in the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania that writing in dinosaurs would be the thing to do. The group laughed following her remark.

As a judge of elections in a ward in Ferguson Township, the very thought of having to count and write in dinosaurs or other non-relevant names after the election is something I feel that no one on an election board would like to experience. In past elections, I have seen write-ins who were cartoon characters and dead historical figures. These write-ins, though the right of a voter, do cause polling place workers extra work during an election day.

All ballots must be counted, checked and verified. Write-ins must be tallied and recorded four times on the record as they were written in. In our ward, election board members begin their day at 6 a.m. and without closing, work until all ballots are counted, verified and returned to the Bellefonte election headquarters. That makes for a 16-hour day in some cases.

From one local election board member to voters, please vote, but vote responsibly.

John Vincenti, State College