Letters to the Editor

Zoning concerns

In 1999, Penn State bought a 26-acre agricultural parcel at the site of the current Toll Brothers project for $100,000.

In 2003, the university asked for and was granted a rezoning of the land from agricultural to residential, despite the Centre Region Planning Agency’s water-safety concerns.

Fast forward to 2012. Penn State approved the sale of the rezoned plot plus an additional 14 acres to Toll Brothers for $13.5 million.

A tidy profit margin from a simple mantra: buy, rezone, sell. Wait, that doesn’t work for you and me because rezoning our lands would be difficult, if not impossible.

A 5 1/2-acre zoned agricultural lot has been thrown into this sale by Penn State. The plan is to build a stormwater retention basin on the 5 1/2 acres. Any concerns that this would be a zoning violation by building a stormwater retention basin on agricultural zoned land?

How many of us would get away with a zoning violation on our land?

Smita Bharti, State College