Letters to the Editor

Efforts to expose crimes admirable

I highly recommend the movie “Spotlight” — the Boston Globe’s investigation into the diocese’s 87 predator priests. One critic wrote, “It’s the best film on investigative reporting since ‘All the President’s Men.’ ’’

The community and criminal justice system knew about the priests for 20 years, but no one would defy the church. The Globe then hired a Jewish editor from outside who pursued it.

At the end of the film, the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese is listed among a hundred others. Cardinal Bernard Law, responsible for moving and protecting priests from around the country, was awarded for his efforts by being given a high post inside the Vatican by the pope.

So many young people’s lives around the world ruined by the church. I applaud Attorney General Kane for her efforts to expose these crimes.

Judy Hood, Bath, Mich.