Letters to the Editor

Guide vote with ethical integrity

To what degree should ethical integrity of our presidential candidates be a character trait that factors into determining who we elect? Do we want someone we feel is weak ethically or/and lacking integrity? Are they aligned with us on some important issues? That makes the decision difficult.

Everyone has ethical integrity when it is easy, but when our thoughts and actions bring serious repercussions upon us, our ethics and integrity will be tested.

We need to be courageous. Contemplate the ethical integrity of our candidates as a major determining factor. Accept and understand that citizens of our nation have many diverse and polarizing views/self-interests. Whomever gets elected, one fact is indisputable. He or she will elate, and deflate, many. We are replete with large swaths of constituents holding contrasting and strongly held positions on numerous issues.

James Wilson (a contributor to our Constitution) said, “If the people take care to choose none but representatives that are wise and good, their representatives will take care to choose or appoint none but such as are wise and good also. For no government can be happily administered by ignorant and vicious men. If we are not up to the job of choosing our leaders judiciously, we will loose our chance at public happiness.”

Perhaps the problem is with us and not with a particular candidate. Let’s use an ethical integrity barometer as a great new and indispensable tool to guide us when we vote. Feel the Bern. Look at Kasich.

Roy Sletson, State College