Letters to the Editor

Senate needs Sestak’s voice

As a member of the Democratic State Committee, serving as treasurer for the Senior Caucus and as chair for the Rural Caucus, I write concerning the U.S. Senate race.

Since 2009, Joe Sestak has exhibited two characteristics that compel his election to the United States Senate: unique knowledge, coupled with an unimaginable work ethic.

Sestak has been to our area more than a dozen times, with similar visits all across Pennsylvania. He certainly is not “low energy.”

Unfortunately, these times dictate that Sestak’s unprecedented experience of naval command and congressional service be on tap for the U.S. Senate as needed. His voice must be heard in these turbulent times. Having had the privilege of hearing Sestak reason and explain such things solemnly requires me to pass along this information. Your assistance is needed to make sure Sestak’s voice is able to be heard.

Katie McGinty and John Fetterman would no doubt make fine senators. However, Sestak’s entire life shows a willingness to fight for what is right. This in part explains the “establishment” resisting his candidacy.

We in Pennsylvania can do no better for our nation than send forth Joe Sestak to the U.S. Senate. I urge registered Democrats to vote for him in the primary election and all to support his candidacy this fall.

Theron G. Terry Noble, Clearfield County