Letters to the Editor

Responsible elected officials needed

Their way is no state budget and insufficient tax revenue. It’s outrageous and a disgrace!

Instead of building consensus to approve and finance the Pennsylvania state budget, our polemic elected officials in Harrisburg not only stubbornly refuse to compromise, but also continue to draw their salary and receive generous retirement and health benefits.

Perhaps this November voters should show them the highway and elect responsible individuals who can agree on a budget and provide the tax revenue to finance it. Our legislators can not even provide revenue for essential services such as the state police except by stealing our highway maintenance money received from gasoline taxes.

Perhaps our state government is just too bloated to function. Consider that our House of Representatives has 203 members as compared to 150 in New York, 80 in New Jersey, 99 in Ohio, 80 in California, 150 in Texas and 120 in Florida. Size does matter.

John Furry, State College