Letters to the Editor

Paying coaches, legislators

How sad that our state legislators, of both parties, seem to have time for everything except passing our long-delayed state budget.

Too bad we can’t pass a simple law that would deny each legislator his/her salary and benefits — without hope of eventual retrieval — for each day the budget is not in place after the normal June 30 deadline. We bet there would never again be a delay in affirming our yearly state budget on time.

On the local front, and on a different issue, it is very discouraging that Penn State’s men’s and women’s basketball coaches are paid enormous salaries, with recently renewed contracts, for very disappointing performances.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Penn State paid magnificent coaches like Russ Rose and Cael Sanderson similar salaries for producing teams that actually define excellence in their respective sports?

Charles and Susan Prebish, State College