Letters to the Editor

Rhetoric is not a crime

It appears to me that only one presidential candidate is being heavily slammed. All of the candidates exaggerate and use persuasive language while campaigning. Rhetoric is not a crime or act of treason.

Last month Sen. Bernie Sanders said that white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor. Did Sanders apply rhetoric in that statement or was he trying to take votes from Hillary Clinton? Maybe both. This month Sanders calls Donald Trump a pathological liar. I think Sanders knows very well that white people do know what it’s like to be poor.

I think Sanders lies. Is it just me or does Sen. Ted Cruz sound a bit like Jim Jones giving a sermon to voters? I think Sanders is starting to sound like Cruz.

Why did Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, put Trump and Hitler and Trump and Madoff in the same sentences? Should we slam Fox for Kelly’s rhetoric?

What I saw on television after Trump announced there would be no rally in Chicago was not protesting. I saw criminal acts, behaving poorly in public, and rioting. People were destroying other people’s property.

I saw this after Joe Paterno was fired and when an officer killed a young man in Ferguson. There are two totally different meanings of protesting and rioting.

Freedom of speech and arrogant, violent behavior are not the same thing. Trump is being blamed for corrupt people’s behavior. That is simply wrong to do.

Good Lord, people, look at what kind of people we’ve become.

Phyllis Werts, Renovo