Letters to the Editor

Forever grateful

We were shocked to read an obituary in Sunday’s CDT saying that Brooke Frautschi had passed on.

We were pleased that the family chose to let us know (because she and her husband, Dick, moved away several years ago).

But the family left out one essential bit of information. Brooke was instrumental in creating the unique and beautiful Pantops subdivision that we have called home for more than a decade. We enjoy the acres and acres of “common land” shared jointly among residents, and we walk regularly on trails Brooke helped to design. For years, she carefully mowed the berms and trails herself, and she seemed to know and love every tree and bush. Early homeowners’ association meetings were often held in her living room and were devoted to discussions of wildlife sightings. Brooke and Dick sacrificed the potential for great profit had they built a more traditional housing development. Instead, they chose to fulfill a naturalist’s dream of a different kind of development. We will be forever grateful. Thank you, Brooke and Dick.

Linda and Dan Trevino, Port Matilda