Letters to the Editor

Taking responsibility

There was a recent letter to the editor discussing the student loan bailouts. The author was quite dismal about the prospects of most students and their debt loads.

I am about to graduate from college with a full four-year bachelor’s degree and I will have no debt. Let me repeat that, I will have no debt.

Some things did have to fall into place for this to happen, but none of them involved me getting a bail-out from the government or taking out a single loan. I had to be OK with not getting a “traditional” college experience. I had to work full time for two-and-a-half of the four years in addition to being a student. I did all of my work on my own, and horror of horrors, I live at home where my parents allow me to stay rent free.

I didn’t go to a four-star school but I still have a degree. I have a friend who did choose a four-star school, but he also lived at home, worked two jobs, still found time to get married and graduated with very little debt.

It is possible to invest in a degree without spending the rest of one’s life paying for it. Choices are always with the individual. Let’s quit laying all responsibility at the door of our government and the taxpayer.

Mary Bourne, Pennsylvania Furnace