Letters to the Editor

Protest overplayed

The top story on the front page of the Centre Daily Times on March 22 was headlined “Protesters take on Toomey at PSU.” The article outlined that 20 protesters picketed bearing signs reading, “Do your Job and Hold a hearing, Take a vote.”

Of these approximately 20 protesters, a dozen or more were Penn State students. I am in favor of peaceful demonstrations and free speech, but I do wonder why the CDT feels that 20 people picketing anything deserves front-page coverage.

How many Penn State students did not show up to protest? How many Centre County residents did not protest? The problem we face today is a press that plays to, supports and encourages the vocal minority. It is time for the silent majority to become a vocal majority and if we do not get coverage then cancel your subscriptions.

Charles Doland, Bellefonte