Letters to the Editor

Out-of-control spending

I have to give kudos and support to two recent letter writers, Clovis Morrisson for “The people had their say” and Andrew Briscoe for “Appalling spending.”

Regarding Sen. Pat Toomey and other Republicans who put off hearings on the Supreme Court nominee by saying, “Let the people decide (by waiting for the next election),” we have decided! We elected you to do a job last election. Now do your job!

Regarding Penn State spending on sports, before the whole Sandusky scandal broke, I would say out loud every day as I read the CDT, “Too much emphasis on sports.” When I was a Penn State student in the 1960s and early ’70s, my interest in Penn State football was sparked by Joe Paterno’s statement (in my words): My football players are here for an education, not to play football. If their grades fall, they don’t play.

Regarding his high salary, at least he and Sue gave back to the university. When I found out what James Franklin makes — more than $4 million! — I lost all interest in Penn State football. Same for all other Penn State coaches and sports.

Yes, we should have college athletics to promote healthy bodies and minds, but the spending is way out of control.

Robert Echard, State College