Letters to the Editor

Sanders right on money, politics

Every year in a hotel in New York City, Pennsylvania elected officials meet with powerful corporate officials of the business world to discuss projects of mutual interest.

Although I understand the need for this discussion, I have always been a little uneasy about it for it is as though the very wealthy with their intense but narrow interest were bending public power to their sole purposes.

For although government must cooperate with these interests in the large, at crucial moments it must be a countervailing power to keep greed from swallowing the state.

Now with the economic power concentrated as it was in the gilded age, and the cost of running for office at an all-time high, the possibility of bribery and corruption grows immense and cries out for a second age of reform focused on campaign finance: We must change the relation of money to politics.

Bernie Sanders has made this the center of his campaign. Please vote for him in the coming primary.

John H. Harris, State College