Letters to the Editor

Disastrous outcome

Government officials call for boycotts, and upstarts running for political office incite hatred and division. While being filled with pride and hatred, those who adhere are led in blind obedience by these masters of deception.

The lesson being taught is there’s more than one way to wreak havoc in cities and ultimately the country. The first and most effective is by the judgment of God; the other is through “preference.”

Many assume freedom gives license to do whatever feels good, and to them is expedient, but the outcome is disaster.

For example, Noah’s flood showed disobedience with a nasty end. Despite that cage rattle, it seems man is again attempting to re-create and practice the events that brought about Noah’s flood and Sodom and Gomorrah — not to mention the Tower of Babel. Or is it because people now fail to heed the same warning found in the Epistle of Paul to the Romans in the Bible?

Could man be a creature and not a creator and be doomed by his arrogance and deception to repeat his errors? Man has been given 70 years of life to achieve; anything beyond that is because of God’s grace and mercy. The question remains: Will he, given his past and present approach?

Sadly he comes into judgment and execution of that judgment. Humans struggle without answers and they take comfort in their folly because there is a way that seems right, but the end result is utter failure.

John Deacon, West Decatur