Letters to the Editor

Toomey has done great work

In recent weeks, these pages have been filled with opinions regarding the impending race for the U.S. Senate. I’d like to add my voice.

Over the past five-plus years, Sen. Pat Toomey has done a great job in the U.S. Senate for the people of Pennsylvania.

Toomey was elected on a platform of growing the economy and restoring a sense of fiscal sanity in Washington, D.C. Toomey has lived up to his promises and then some. He co-authored the JOBS Act, which is helping businesses across the country create jobs and expand. Upon signing the JOBS Act, even President Barack Obama remarked that the act is a “game changer.”

Additionally, Toomey has led the charge to end the wasteful practice of earmarks. Not only did Toomey co-author the Republican conference rule banning earmarks, but he also introduced bipartisan legislation that would install a permanent prohibition.

Outside of his work on economic issues, Toomey has stepped up on matters of public safety. He authored a law to make our classrooms safer for kids by establishing a national ban on “passing the trash,” which is when a school lets an employee suspected of child abuse resign instead of pursuing charges. Toomey is also a strong voice in support of law enforcement and standing up to terrorist threats around the world.

I am proud of the work Toomey has done in Washington and I look forward to supporting him in November.

Tyler Gilbert, State College