Letters to the Editor

Trump has a point

Donald Trump recently said that the U.S. should require Japan, Korea and other nations to pay for their own defense.

While I do not support Trump, he is right on that point. U.S. taxpayers should stop providing free military protection to rich nations such as Korea, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and many others.

How much have U.S. taxpayers paid to build Iraq and Afghanistan while politicians have allowed the infrastructure of the U.S. to crumble? The U.S. paid trillions for the Iraq War, but (according to one source on the Web) 61,000 bridges in the U.S. need repair and the airports in major U.S. cities are comparable to those of nations like Nigeria, where I have been.

While some people claim that the Bernie Sanders agenda of free college tuition for all and universal medical care is a pipe dream, the U.S. could afford these policies if the U.S. had the money spent on military support for other nations.

Republican leaders do not like Trump because, unlike all the other worthless candidates for the Republican nomination since the beginning, he refuses to sing from the same tired songbook that others do.

The irony is that, as biased as the news media and Republican leaders are against Trump, many people in the public agree with him while detesting media and party leaders. And that’s what frustrates media kingmakers and party leaders the most.

William J. Rothwell, State College