Letters to the Editor

Speaking out

In reading the travails of District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, I can’t help but wonder if her office has ever excoriated the conduct of those in the Office of Attorney General in trampling the constitutional rights of three residents of Centre County. Even more so now, given the opinions by the appellate and superior courts.

Has she ever issued a statement about the rush to judgment and complete disregard of these citizens’ fundamental rights to due process? An action from a state prosecutor that has enveloped the residents in her county in a firestorm that has harmed livelihoods, soured personal and professional relationships, torn apart families and reputations and impacted a regional economy?

Has she ever spoken out about the corrupt use of an investigative grand jury process by state actors that have proven to have participated in disgusting pornography swapping and even worse — ex parte communications of such blatant disregard for professional ethics — that the discovery of which has ripped open a constitutional crisis in our state?

Parks Miller seems to be a huge animal rights advocate, but has her office ever issued a sternly worded statement about the child abuse that went on via the Second Mile, a state-licensed children’s charitable nonprofit — one that happened to fall under the auspices of our own Office of Attorney General?

Has a statement been issued on how the Office of Attorney General has made life a living hell for so many families under her watch?

Wendy Silverwood, West Chester