Letters to the Editor

Sestak is no maverick

Recently, the Centre Daily Times published a letter from members of the State College Borough Council, voicing support for Joe Sestak. The letter was a disingenuous attempt to prop up Sestak that I am confident the readers of these pages will see through.

It’s widely known that Democrats across the commonwealth are pulling out all the stops to keep Sestak out of the general election race. Why, you ask? Well, their concerns have nothing to do with him being some sort of maverick.

When Sestak was a member of Congress, he voted with the Democrat Party 97 percent of the time and backed every one of President Barack Obama’s major initiatives, at times even advocating for more extreme versions. That doesn’t sound like a maverick to me; it sounds like a very liberal politician. And it certainly doesn’t sound like someone who will represent all Pennsylvanians.

These same Democrats also know that Sestak is prone to gaffes, from proclaiming that ISIS is “almost out of gas” then doubling down on the statement following the Paris attacks to blindly running over children at parades. He has also been the subject of ethics complaints regarding the improper use of his military title as a campaign tool, and has been accused of treating his staff poorly.

Add this up and it’s easy to understand why Democrats searched high and low to find an alternative to Sestak — they truly believe he cannot win in November.

Deborah Flavin, State College