Letters to the Editor

Reasons not to vote for Clinton

With the Pennsylvania primary almost upon us please consider the four reasons why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton:

1. Chris Stevens, ambassador; 2. Glen Doherty, Navy SEAL; 3. Tyrone Woods, Navy SEAL; and 4. Sean Smith, USAF

As secretary of state, she refused requests for extra security, then lied to their families by blaming a movie!

And she’s fit to be the president of the United States? Give me a break!

It’s bad enough she had to run to New York to be elected to an office when she couldn’t get elected in the state where Billy Boy staked his claim to be president. But then again that’s the Clintons, so what else would you expect?

God bless America and save America from our political situation, which makes the USA look like the Three Stooges are running the country.

John Dixon, Philipsburg