Letters to the Editor

Pedestrians should take responsibility

In our community we have seen a series of car-pedestrian crashes in which the driver of the car is routinely assumed to be at fault. Although that is sometimes true, what no one wants to acknowledge that the behavior of the pedestrian is often a contributing factor. What happened to looking both ways before crossing streets? What happened to making sure it is safe before crossing? What happened to taking the responsibility to make sure you and your children are careful when navigating streets and parking lots? Anyone driving in State College has experienced the hazards of trying to navigate the streets while pedestrians routinely run and walk into traffic without checking for safety.

I get it — legally pedestrians have the right of way. But that doesn’t absolve them from taking personal responsibility for their own safety. Consider this old poem: He was right, dead right, as he went along, but he’s just as dead as if he were wrong.

Alice Griffin, State College