Letters to the Editor

Time for a change

Two articles in Monday’s CDT that had a common theme caught my eye.

On Page 1, the article about Rep. Glenn Thompson’s fundraising stated that his top campaign contributions come from corporations. Well, that’s no surprise! They’re simply returning the favors he does for them whenever he votes in Congress.

Then in the Roll Call feature on Page 6, I read that Sen. Pat Toomey voted against the public interest, and to protect airline corporations. He voted against a proposal to set minimum standards for the sizes of seats on airplanes.

As we all know, flying has become less and less comfortable as airlines have made our seats smaller. But people like Toomey who can afford to fly first class don’t have to worry about that. If you’re a regular reader of the Roll Call, you know that this kind of example is repeated again and again, every week.

The common theme in these articles is how Republican politicians have stopped working to protect us regular citizens and consumers, and now work only to protect corporations.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our congressman and senator stood up to corporations, instead of for them? This November, we have a chance to throw these bums out.

Let’s do it.

Robert Baillie, State College