Letters to the Editor

Hanger committed to clean energy

Contrary to what Russell Zerbo claimed in his April 8 letter, former DEP Secretary John Hanger has done more to build solar power, renewable energy generation and boost energy efficiency in Pennsylvania than almost anyone.

Hanger led efforts to pass the 2004 Pennsylvania law requiring solar and other renewable energy resources to provide at least 8 percent of our electricity. He then led the effort in 2008 to enact Pennsylvania’s “net metering law” that is among the best in the nation and allows homeowners and businesses to sell solar power back to the grid. He also fought successfully to end the electricity generation monopolies that existed in 1996 which prohibited homes and businesses from installing their own power sources, like rooftop solar panels.

In addition, Hanger was a leader in writing and passing Act 129, a landmark state law that requires Pennsylvania’s electric utilities to invest substantial funds in energy efficiency.

Hanger was also instrumental in passage of the 2008 Alternative Energy Investment Act, which provided $650 million for clean energy, including the $100 million Pennsylvania Sunshine Program that helped build more than 6,000 solar projects around the state. None of this would have occurred without Hanger’s commitment to clean energy.

Jan Jarrett, Mechanicsburg