Letters to the Editor

Declining standards

I have been a dedicated reader of the Centre Daily Times for more than 20 years and have watched with sadness and dismay the slow decline in the paper’s news content and it’s editorial standards.

With Sunday’s coverage of the Democratic debate you have revealed the extent to which those editorial standards have been eviscerated.

The candidates who debated Saturday evening — Joe Sestak, John Fetterman and Katie McGinty — are running for U.S. Senate, not the Pennsylvania Senate. And it is a six-year term, not a four-year term. It’s disappointing that your reporter clearly doesn’t understand the difference between the federal and state offices, but it is inexcusable that your copy editor didn’t catch such a fundamental error.

How can you continue to justify the price of a subscription when you clearly have so little respect for the content of this paper?

Renee Atchison Ziegler, College Township