Letters to the Editor

Oldsey deserves re-election

Since graduating from Penn State, I have lived all over the world and worked with many exceptional leaders in both government and business and industry.

Passionate, dynamic with a zest to make Penn State great again, William Oldsey easily stands out among them as a gifted leader. Realizing that we are hindered in moving the university toward higher future performance, he has proven to be an inspiring alumni-elected member who has risen above the antagonistic dialogue. Oldsey has worked extensively on bringing this board together in resolving our past issues and making the tough decisions that will move our great university forward both in academics and athletics in a financially responsible manner.

Along with his unwavering loyalty to the alumni, he brings tremendous credibility to the board with his extensive background in education and, especially, the business of education in this country. In fact, Oldsey is an easy choice for next chairman in that he would make sure that the difficult and complex discussions are held and that our lingering issues are resolved in the best interests of our students and alumni.

Gary Zuckerman, Boalsburg