Letters to the Editor

Backing Clinton

In an interview published in Parade Magazine on April 17, renowned journalist and foreign affairs expert Fareed Zakaria explained his concerns about both Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ candidacies.

Zakaria notes that “Sanders says he’s going to give everyone free college, he’s going to create Medicare for all — none of that is going to happen.” Zakaria concludes, “So what is he going to do? We don’t know. Both of them (Trump and Sanders) are appealing to people’s emotions rather than presenting any program that has a hope of being actually enacted.”

The Pennsylvania primary election is on April 26. I will be voting for Hillary Clinton for president and for the delegates to the Democratic National Convention supporting her because I believe she has the needed skills, work ethic and depth of experience, both domestically and internationally, to reach the goals she has set.

Clinton will build on President Barack Obama’s achievements and legacy, including the Affordable Care Act that has helped so many to obtain affordable health care.

For details on Hillary Clinton’s agenda and proposals go to www.hillary clinton.com and read about the issues that matter to you. If you plan to vote in the Democratic Party primary, I urge you to do so before you vote! It is likely to be a close contest and every vote will matter.

Deborah Klevans, State College