Letters to the Editor

Cruz is president U.S. needs

For years, conservatives have been screaming that if we had a candidate that had our values, put the Constitution first and worked for the people, we would gladly vote for him.

Well, we finally have one in Ted Cruz. He wants to go back to our founding principles: small, limited government, let the states and the people decide what is best for them and get out of the people’s way. His plan is to cut taxes by instituting a flat tax that will unleash economic growth by bringing corporations back to the U.S. and creating jobs that will allow all people to have their share of the American dream without drowning future generations in debt.

Cruz has always put the Constitution and the people first. His speeches are hardly about what he is going to do but what the people will be able to do once regulations, taxes and government interference are limited. Cruz wants to give the power back to the states and let the people decide what type of health insurance we should have and how our schools should be run.

If we want to restore America’s greatness we need a president that will lead us back to American exceptionalism. Vote for Cruz on Tuesday and for the delegates who will stand by him: Rick Chura (ballot position 3); Lyle Stewart (ballot position 4); and Barry Kroeker (ballot position 8).

Peggy Grimes, Port Matilda