Letters to the Editor

A short quiz for Sanders

A belated welcome to Sen. Bernie Sanders on his visit to our area. In recognition of the educational influence, I would like the senator’s answers to a short “blue book” open-book quiz:

1. Name five socialist countries that have successful, expanding economies and similar personal freedom to the U.S.

Hint: Venezuela is not one of them

Partial credit if you can name one.

2. Name the socialist country or communist country where people are breaking the immigration law to enter that country.

Hint: Cuba and North Korea are not among the correct answers.

3. Name the top five inventions, industrial processes or medical breakthroughs that have come from these countries in your answer to question 1.

4. Bonus question: Compare your answer in question 3 to what the capitalist economy of the U.S. has done. You are not allowed to Google this on your Apple iPhone.

Dan McIntire, Warriors Mark