Letters to the Editor

A vote for ordinary people

Keep this in mind on Tuesday: A Bernie Sanders presidency would be great for ordinary people.

In contrast, a vote for Hillary Clinton would be a vote for more of the same: corporations buying elections; tax breaks for the wealthy; wars killing and wounding thousands, costing billions of taxpayer dollars and breeding new rounds of terrorism; skyrocketing costs for college education; trade deals that hurt American workers; and too little action on climate change.

Unlike Clinton, Sanders has accepted no campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies or from any corporate PACs. This frees him to truly address the needs of the 99 percent: universal health care; free college tuition; keeping corporate money out of politics; and, as the only major candidate with a serious plan to address climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by keeping fossil fuels in the ground and transitioning to renewable energy, which would also create millions of meaningful jobs.

Sanders will also protect Social Security from Republican attempts to destroy it; defend minorities by confronting racism by the police and within the prison system; and confront Islamic State through an international coalition, led by Muslim countries instead of the United States.

Sanders will pay for social programs mostly through taxing corporations and diverting millions of wasted dollars from the military.

Finally, polls show that Sanders is the best candidate to beat the Republicans in November.

A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for ordinary people, the environment and the future.

Andy McKinnon, Pennsylvania Furnace