Letters to the Editor

Sestak strongest candidate

I strongly support Joe Sestak in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primary election because he is the strongest candidate to serve the people of Pennsylvania.

Sestak won election to the U.S. House twice, defeated the Democratic establishment in the 2010 Senate primary and came very close to beating Sen. Pat Toomey in a very bad year for Democrats. Comparatively, his primary opponent Katie McGinty came in a distant last place in the 2014 Pennsylvania gubernatorial primary, with only 7 percent of the vote.

Sestak, a three-star admiral, has served the nation in the Navy, the White House and in Congress for almost four decades. She has less than 10 years in government and has used the “revolving door” to work in the energy industry she was supposed to regulate.

Sestak has demonstrated expertise in military preparedness, national security and foreign affairs, national economic and health policies, national infrastructure needs and veterans’ affairs. McGinty’s background is limited to environmental policy, and she has avoided debating Sestak on foreign policy.

Sestak’s campaign has focused on the nation’s needs, especially the re-establishment of trust between the government and we, the people. McGinty has gone negative, running misleading attacks against Sestak.

We have a choice between Joe Sestak, with an impressive record of national service, and Katie McGinty, with a minimal resume for the U.S. Senate.

Pennsylvania and the nation need Sestak’s experience and expertise, in the fight to return the Senate to Democratic control in the fall.

Mark Lafer, State College