Letters to the Editor

Energy a critical issue

What is the most important issue for you as a voter?

Some will say the economy. Others will mention climate change. Many think homeland security. While all critically important, I believe there is one issue that addresses all three that Pennsylvanians should direct their interests and votes to: energy.

In just five short years through advances in technology alone the U.S. has become the top energy producer in the world. We’ve reduced oil exports by half. We’re at a point now where we can use our energy abundance to supply our allies with both natural gas and oil, and avoid sending our uniformed men and women overseas to protect the energy reserves of those who willingly take our money while stabbing us in the back. As an Iraq War veteran I know energy security is critical to our national security.

For the environmental community, nothing has done more to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions than our shift toward cleaner-burning natural gas. The resource is abundant, available and affordable. By focusing on this issue, we have an opportunity to become more economically sound, more environmentally friendly, all while making our homeland a safer place to raise a family.

Before you make your choice on Tuesday, ask yourself one question: “Can this candidate keep the lights on?”

Anthony Caldarelli, Conneaut Lake