Letters to the Editor

Energy bill will be costly

The U.S. Senate has approved a new energy bill, which includes the provision to start exporting natural gas to foreign countries.

Those of us who have natural gas home heating should get ready to open our wallets, because as soon as the gas starts to flow overseas the price here will double, and yet the leaders say this bill is good for U.S. citizens.

Everything I've read states that our low gas prices will skyrocket seeing how the gas companies can get three, four or more times the cost of natural gas overseas.

Two years ago I read in the Wall Street Journal that this was coming, and it is here now.

Again, as usual, big money has corrupted our representatives and it will be the common man who has to pay the price. Write or call your representative, but, alas it is already too late.

Frank Halderman, Bellefonte