Letters to the Editor

Oldsey dedicated to Penn State

True blue. Steadfast. Unwavering.

These are but a few words that describe Bill Oldsey’s dedication to Penn State.

As a man who has devoted his life to education, he ardently endorses tuition control, student debt metrics, cost containment, and efficiency measures for our beloved university. Oldsey has dedicated years of service to the College of the Liberal Arts, our English department, and the Center for American Literary Studies.

Yet, despite these grand accomplishments, he is so much more than this. To be put simply, Oldsey is really just one of us — a real Penn State fan who wants the best for Penn State and its legacy for generations to come.

In these times of political chaos and confusion, Oldsey is the simple answer in the race for the board of trustees. There is just no denying his compassion, love, and vision to help shape the future of Penn State.

Please vote for Bill Oldsey for board of trustees; as a Penn State alum, it simply is the most important vote you can make this month.

April Detar, Port Matilda