Letters to the Editor

Potential for progress

Most campaign promises have a way of attenuating if not disappearing when a successful candidate is confronted with the reality of practical limits and competing priorities, and I am sure Donald Trump’s nonsensical promise to find, detain, process and deport 11 million illegals in two years would be no different.

However, a southern border wall and a common-sense solution for the visa overstay problem (why can’t visa holders be required to wear chip bracelets or some other electronic device?) could for the first time actually stop the southern inflow. Then the current deportation rate of 400,000 to 500,000 a year would represent real progress, reducing the population over an extended time without a shock to the economy.

Given the ineptitude of both parties in dealing with illegal immigration, this should be embraced by most as a successful outcome.

Jim Sorensen, Boalsburg