Letters to the Editor

Unnecessary remark

I went to vote in Tuesday’s primary election expecting to leave with a sense of civic pride and satisfaction. Instead, I left feeling sad.

The poll worker had trouble finding my name and then forgot to say “Democrat” to the poll worker who hands out the ballots. He finally said, “Democrat. I’m sorry.” The smartmouth woman behind me quickly said, “I’m sorry too!” She was probably joking, but how inappropriate!

First, my party registration is none of her business. Second, my party affiliation has no impact on the Republican outcome in this election. One could come to the conclusion that she is just rude, or that she reflects the intransigence of her party, or that she was trying to intimidate me somehow, or all of the above.

It seems to me that we should encourage everyone to get out and vote no matter what their party or preference, not to make childish, smartmouth cracks at fellow voters. Perhaps we should recruit this rude woman to run around Bellefonte and berate those who don’t vote at all!

Ned Wetherald, Bellefonte