Letters to the Editor

Defend water quality

Like most of our neighbors last week, we received the boilerplate 2015 water quality report from the State College Borough Water Authority with our quarterly water bill. I read the report carefully, as usual, and at first I felt reassured and grateful that our water still flows clear and potable.

But being naturally skeptical, I thought harder, and soon enough the cheery news from the SCBWA struck me as more reactive than proactive. Events in Flint, Mich., prompted me to ponder the SCBWA’s responsibilities with regard to maintaining and ensuring our water quality rather than merely measuring and reporting it.

Beyond routine water treatment, a proactive responsibility could, I thought, place the SCBWA crosswise with such essentially political prerogatives as development, progress, and a swelling tax base. I, for one, would want the SCBWA to defend our water quality against these powerful forces and to protect us all from, for example, skunks spreading giardiasis along with Toll Brothers craving profits.

John Swinton, State College