Letters to the Editor

Trump’s values, ideas resonate

As a young female college student, I’m not the first person you’d suspect to be in Donald Trump’s camp. But I am. And I’m sick of news anchors and op-ed columnists telling me that I’m crazy.

Week after week I’m forced to listen to “political commentators” and “expert panelists” on TV trying to explain the success of the Donald Trump campaign. Why are people voting for him? Who is his “base”?

It seems everyone is constantly trying to dissect my motivations in voting for Trump, as if they are impossibly complicated and misguided. When I tell people I support him (especially in a liberal college town), their eyes go wide with incredulity.

Here’s what I have to say: Get used to it, people. I’m not changing my mind. I support Donald Trump for the same reason anyone supports a political candidate — their values and ideas coincide with your own.

I agree with his ideas to help bring jobs back to America and raise the prevailing wage on H-1Bs. I agree that we need stronger border patrol. I agree that we shoulder too much of NATO’s responsibilities and need to focus more on making our own national defense stronger.

I’m young and I’m educated, and I knew exactly what I was doing when I cast my ballot for Donald Trump on Tuesday in the primary.

If there are any other Trump supporters reading this, don’t let other people tell you what you’re supposed to think. Let’s make America great again!

Rachel Hite, State College