Letters to the Editor

Diplomacy and prayer

ISIL is intent on provoking an apocalyptic confrontation between secularism and the final community of belief in the absolute power of God, a God for whom you are willing to die.

They must be persuaded by prayer, not bombs, that God now chooses the whole world and their artificial powers and borders, made real when we choose each other in love. In that love great enough — there is God and the whole world united in peace and joy.

Earth hour several weeks ago and the United Nations both support this vision in their way, for the land beneath our feet is living. It reaches out in power. It includes us all. Even now.

The president has made a forceful response to this group. His forcefulness I understand and support. Yet it remains a violent external response to violence.

Each of these men and women are informed by an intense but distorted idea of God. They should be reached by diplomacy and prayer. For prayer is the beginning of language in the heart, and prayer reaches into that peace which is beyond the stars.

John Harris, State College