Letters to the Editor

Reform statute of limitations

Bravo to Hollidaysburg businessman George Foster for challenging Catholics from passivity asking what they will do regarding the bishop’s response after the grand jury investigative report of the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.

Here are some ugly truths.

▪ The diocese (and Vatican) hide pedophiles;

▪ It’s not a scandal, it’s a crime; which leads me to

▪ The church preaches eternity but hides behind statutes of limitations for reporting child sexual abuse.

The Catholic Bishops Conference, Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania are all obstructionists to state and federal statute of limitations reform, even affecting those not associated with the Church. Reform is necessary for victims to have justice.

Here’s what every citizen can do. Contact members of the Senate requesting support to get House Bill 1947 without change out of the Judiciary Committee and to the full Senate for a vote and approval. Search the Foundation to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse website with convenient links to legislators who are urging their support for passing this bill.

For my part, I will be in front of the diocese office every first of the month at noon to remember these victims until meaningful legislation is passed. I welcome any other supporters.

I feel only collection baskets will truly overhaul the hierarchies’ shameless tactics, but statute of limitations reform can be the goal of every citizen who puts protection of innocent children to the forefront.

Rosalind Merritts, Hollidaysburg