Letters to the Editor

Hope for their future

The point about the reference to Joe Paterno not being covered by the insurance that paid damages to children is we should expect that an eyewitness to suspicious behavior between a grown adult employee (football) and a child, would have been reported (reached) Paterno.

And we can only wonder, not speculate, how Paterno, at his age, from his experiences of his generation, how he absorbed what he heard, what he could have possibly conceived had transpired, and how he proceeded. It is hyperbole to call inaction a cover-up.

Paterno may have certainly felt some sort of deep guilt that left him unable to fight his illness at the end. He was as much a victim of an inability to make it stop.

We would in this day and age expect nothing less than an interview with the child, a police report and firing of the suspected. We can only look back on how things were and how things are now and how things will be better in the future.

Our love goes out to those harmed. Our hope is for their future. I support them.

Maria Baker, State College