Letters to the Editor

Out of his league

There is surely an effective way to destabilize the carnival barker with the forever pouty lips that deliver a slobbering lack of coherence on any topic, demonstrating a “severely” limited command of the English language … all claims to “a huge amount of words” to the contrary.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has unlocked the door to destabilizing the candidate in a brilliant set of recent tweets. She taunts him, likely keeping him awake to conjure insipid retorts like “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” whom he indicts as “an Indian.” Pure genius.

It appears that the key, all along, has been simply to mock him.

Accomplish this in short, smart and funny quips, as satirically juxtaposed against the mogul’s racially charged, gendered and simplistic language, the common vernacular of the totalitarian in the loud, guttural voice of the know-nothing.

Relentlessly derail him, drawing from the “yuge” bubbling vat of ridiculous, incendiary and contradictory refuse he regurgitates. Do it in one funny, compelling campaign, just a tweet a day from millions of the famous, the infamous and the ordinary citizen, using the tycoon’s own words to deflate his enormous ego.

The narcissist is always compelled to respond. He will be distracted, trying witlessly to outmaneuver. But he is out of his league, outclassed despite his large inheritance.

His circuits will overload, encouraging the strangely configured top of his head to pop up, releasing circuits, coils, wires and tubes in all directions, like Christopher Walken in “The Stepford Wives.”

Let’s do it. Make America Smart and Funny again.

Marylouise Markle, State College