Letters to the Editor

Stuck on replay

I think the real problem in our political system is the disinformation that makes people unaware of the design of the cage they live in. They divide us, but not by left or right. The parties aren’t a clear dividing line, so we end up never able to make any progress and the rich play as gatekeepers to prevent anyone from getting on the main ballot who will make a difference.

Why do they not let Congress spend the money from the budget into circulation? Why does a free nation need debt when it can print its own money? It’s never been about the currency, it’s about who controls the quantity, and that’s not our government or any elected official. Private banks get that power.

They killed JFK. They killed MLK, RFK and Malcolm X. They deliberately designed the drug war to target the communities calling for change and equal rights, which former Nixon officials have admitted to openly. Then they gutted education and the middle class.

And here we are ... singing the song of the ’60s again. It’s time for us, not them. We, not I.

Timothy Havener, Mill Hall