Letters to the Editor

Rushing to judgment

Penn State President Eric Barron’s response to recent allegations that two victims in the ’70s reported to Joe Paterno that they had been abused by Jerry Sandusky is deeply disturbing, illogical and insensitive.

Ironically, Barron criticizes the media for a “rush to judgment,” while engaging in what appears to be a rushed judgment of his own — that because these allegations are unsubstantiated, they are false.

The fact that there is no hard evidence substantiating the claims begs the question: What evidence would Barron reasonably expect from troubled youths who try to report a crime, but are silenced?

It is disappointing that Barron, while reiterating Penn State’s commitment to “prevention, treatment and education about child sexual abuse,” appears to be ignorant of the reasons sexual assault victims fail to report their abuse.

The brave men who came forward should be given the benefit of the doubt. They deserve no less from the president of an institution that bears some responsibility for enabling a serial pedophile to hide in plain sight for so many years.

Cynthia MacNab, Pennsylvania Furnace