Letters to the Editor

The less said, the better

After reading Penn State President Eric Barron’s letter, it is hard to fathom how those in the Old Main offices continue to make every wrong move responding to anything Paterno/Sandusky-related.

It’s like every response is geared toward,“It really wasn’t that bad.” Seems as if they are still trying to defuse a bomb that has already gone off.

They still do not get it. And this is not about me not having Penn State pride or being a sellout. It is nothing like that. It is about trying to move on. And responding differently (or actually, the same way: defiance) to every new “allegation” is not moving on. It is accepting the invitation to the latest fight.

How Joe Paterno’s family wants to handle it is their business. However, any response that comes with Penn State letterhead on it? Well, that needs to be brief, simply acknowledging any wrongdoings, apologizing, and advising there will be no further comment.

We need to say the same thing every time. There is no defense for what happened. The less we say, the better. Is it that hard to act like you care about what happened?

To get out of the hole the first thing we have to do is quit digging.

Jack Chiostergi, Roswell, Ga.