Letters to the Editor

Greater freedoms

The conservative American Enterprise Institute — like so many of the groups supported by the Koch brothers — again puts out distortions as fact (CDT, 5/15).

Jonah Goldberg implied that Karl Marx’s ideas represented a central planning, murderous, suppressing ideology. In actuality real Marxism was to evolve from capitalism but was a bottom-up organizational structure, closer to what was labeled as anarchism in Spain, which was glowingly described by George Orwell who visited there. Interestingly all types of elite rule attacked or supported the attacks on this area in Spain, as they well knew the threat it posed to elite rule.

The top-down totalitarian state that was the USSR never accomplished Marxism, neither was it accomplished in China. The socialism that Bernie Sanders is describing is none other than that of the processes used by the European Union, but especially the Nordic countries and Iceland, who have done quite well and are the “happiest people on earth.” They do not have totalitarian states; they actually have greater freedoms in many ways than we do, including press, but they do have higher taxes, to protect their citizenry from job loss, health crisis and old age.

Doug Keith, State College