Letters to the Editor

Gender insanity

It’s pitiful that we’re expected to put up with the abysmal moral rot that gender is not defined by one’s DNA, which is immutable, but rather by social constructs of the certifiably insane.

These things happen when the seminal truth of the Natural Law — understandable from reason exclusive of any Divine Revelation connotation — is trashed at the whim of reprobates, which is why the founders put a priority on obedience to it for sanity’s sake, read the common good that can’t be overridden on any level, federal, state or local. In other words, there is no jurisdiction of man that can change what God has already defined once and for all!

Just where does this insanity stop — species as a social construct? Surely, that’s just around the corner for Bob or Sally, who wake up and decide that “today I’m a giraffe and all those who dare to disagree are going to be staring at the strong arm of unjust law for the sake of my self-esteem. And look out when my fellow giraffes get wind of this!”

Gary L. Morella, Lemont