Letters to the Editor

Just the opposite

I read Cynthia Allen’s Saturday column and it strikes me as opinion based in youthful naiveté.

She says culture is driving our political decline but, in many ways, it’s just the opposite and politics is driving our cultural decline.

For example, when government maintains an open border, it allows aliens with values different than ours to enter our nation and effectively dilute our existing values to some extent.

When the president takes actions beyond his authority and Congress allows it, they encourage a disregard for laws and positional ethics and responsibilities. When President Barack Obama promises we can “keep our doctors” knowing we won’t, it implies telling the truth is no longer important. When the government authorizes and allows a growing debt, it encourages a disregard for personal financial responsibility. When lawmakers “outlaw” the Bible in public schools, they imply traditional values are either in error or no longer relevant.

When they no longer encourage students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, they imply patriotism is not important. When they expand welfare, they encourage to some extent a growing entitlement mentality. When the president mandates open access to school bathrooms, it shows a disregard for traditional gender roles. When Republican presidential candidates don’t honor their pledge to support the party’s candidates, it says it’s OK to break your word. When Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton preach socialism, it says our God-given rights really belong to the government.

So, Cynthia, I have to disagree with your position; you are only partially right.

Patrick Knobloch, State College