Letters to the Editor

Stand against hate

I write regarding your publication of “Gender insanity,” a letter from Gary L. Morella that you printed on May 18.

I am moved to ask about the CDT’s policy regarding the publication of hate-filled diatribes. I would like to think that some, even minuscule, social value is required before you would publish someone’s angry tirade against any group of people, but the appearance of this letter makes it hard to hold to that belief.

I ask, then, if a writer were to ignore the most basic scientific learning in order to construct an argument that denounces a desire for social equality as “the whim of reprobates,” and “insanity,” would you publish it? If a letter were to denounce self-identification of a minority group as “abysmal moral rot,” would you publish it? If a letter referred to the struggle of that group to achieve the minimal level of respect as based on “the social constructs of the certifiably (sic) insane,” would you publish it?

I am sad to conclude that the answer to each of my questions is “yes, the CDT publishes even the basest, most bigoted, spiteful, scientifically ignorant, divisive and spiteful letters, even those without redeeming social value.”

I would be happy to be shown that my conclusion is wrong. I would be happy to learn that the CDT stands against hate.

Glenn Palmer, Lemont