Letters to the Editor

Calling for respect, dignity

I and other members of the Centre LGBTQA Support Network were dismayed to read the letter “Gender insanity,” by Gary Morella.

This letter links transgender people to “abysmal moral rot” and calls the process of recognizing that gender is not binary “insane.”

First, let us acknowledge that there are individuals who are physically intersex at birth. Additionally, the writer states that gender is “defined by one’s DNA, which is immutable,” yet we know that DNA changes through mutation. Such change is a mechanism of nature, evolution and science.

Adding more insult, the writer compares transgender people to those who make choices, as if transgender people choose to be male today and female tomorrow, as one would hypothetically choose to be a giraffe. But no one is choosing today to be male and tomorrow to be female, just as Mr. Morella is not choosing to be a man.

In fact, affirming one’s gender identity, or transitioning, is a long, challenging process fraught with medical, financial and social issues. Who would really want to go through such a process for a mere choice? It is, rather, that people go through it to be true to their internal identity.

Overall the letter is an attack on people for being different than the letter writer. The letter spreads hate through a lack of understanding. It is past time to afford transgender people the respect, dignity and safety that they deserve.

Pia Smal, State College