Letters to the Editor

Dangerous candidate

“We’re getting rid of gun-free zones, OK?” This was Donald Trump in his keynote address to the NRA on May 20. He seems to think that America will be “great again” when there are guns accessible everywhere and to everyone. He has said that he wants guns allowed in every American school, both elementary and secondary. Guns in day care centers, hospitals, churches, college campuses, summer camps, trains and buses? Guns at public meetings and sporting events where tempers sometimes flare?

Here is a fine example of the lack of restraint and thoughtful reasoning that characterize Trump’s approach to numerous public policy questions.

Our children’s safety, public safety, and the domestic tranquility our founders sought to ensure would be at risk under Trump’s leadership.

Trump likes to assign nicknames to his rivals. I suggest Dangerous Donald for this reckless candidate.

Marilyn Keat, State College