Letters to the Editor

Valuable assets

The State College school board is considering closing Corl Street Elementary School. This fact has been deeply buried in recent school board materials. Furthermore, the front-page article (CDT, 5/26) about the May 25 meeting didn’t mention the possible closure until Page 5A. The article also failed to mention the outpouring of support for the school expressed at the meeting by community members.

Corl Street makes the borough desirable to families. State College has a vibrant downtown partly because many families live within walking or biking distance. More than 60 percent of residents of the Corl Street catchment area say the location of the school was very important in their decision to live where they do. The loss of Corl Street would lead to a loss of families and owner-occupied homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Everyone in State College loves their child’s school and the connections formed there. Closing Corl Street would make other schools larger and less personal. Ferguson, Easterly and Radio Park could all be affected.

The board will rely on a new demographic study to make its decision. This study will not be completed until the end of August; the board plans to make a decision in mid-September. How can we have an informed discussion about this issue over the summer if the demographic data is not known until two weeks before the decision deadline?

I urge the board to take the time it needs to consider the assets Corl Street school provides to its families and our community.

Terrill Salter, State College